No photo credit again!

Why oh why is it so hard to get photo credits these days especially as in this recent article about Australian singer songwriter Pete Murray in the Sydney Morning Herald, March 2014.  I stumbled across this article when I was searching for Pete’s UK tour dates.

I worked with Pete back in 2003/4 and I’d like to think of him as a friend so when he came over to the UK a couple of years ago I took the liberty of contacting his manager and secured a shoot whilst catching up at the same time.

Now being the kind of guy I am I agreed to shoot for free as budgets were tight.  Myself and a friend rocked up at the Scala just after the sound check and grabbed Pete for an hour to shoot a few portraits followed by some live shots.

Earlier this year I was asked by Pete’s tour manager if they could use a couple of the images to promote the tour.  Now, I’m not blaming anyone for this and ultimately, as we all know, its down to the picture editor/editors to credit the photographer but there was no photo credit to be seen!  Funny how the smh always credit Getty, Image Bank or other libraries when they’ve purchased the rights to other images but can’t credit the guy who shoots for free to help the world go round! Come on editors, managers, PR’s and anyone who is supplying images for press check the metadata in the image to find out who, where and when….its not difficult!

Pete Murray

Photo by Chris Lopez – Copyright Chris Lopez

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