After 25 years in photography, Lopez has carved a career as a music photographer shooting artists in every genre from Classical to Drum & Bass.

A portrait photographer who loves music and is fortunate enough to combine his two biggest passions.

Lopez started his career as a photographers assistant in 1989 shooting room sets, cars and product photography.

In 1993 he traveled the world with his Mamiya C330 and a large stock of film. Shooting for the various tourist commissions in Australia Lopez turned a year traveling into a profit making adventure.   On his return and after reading a feature in the British Journal of Photography about Raleigh International, 3 months later,  Lopez found himself in the far regions of southern Chile as expedition photographer in 1997. Lopez talks passionately about Raleigh International and would encourage all young photographers to take the challenge! “It was the most challenging experience of my life as a photographer and as a man”

In 1998 Lopez began his career with Sony Music and during that time he has photographed an amazing selection of artists from ACDC to Labrinth.  Over 60 cover shoots, 100 press shoots and hundreds of gigs later Lopez took full advantage of his position and made a prominent name for himself as a music photographer.

In 2003, Lopez released his first book, ‘dj’s by lopez’, a collection of 100 portraits of Dj’s from around the world. Due to the success of the book, 21 images were selected by the National Portrait Gallery for a 3 month exhibition of dance music icons.

In 2006 Lopez acted as the project manager for the Sony Music Photo Archive project with Getty Images. Editing and selecting images from an archive covering 40 years of music history.

In 2008, Lopez worked on various projects including co-directing Magnificent Strangers documentary on the life of music producer Henrik Takkenberg.  Lopez also exhibited ‘Cardinal Sins’ at MuTate Britain – “Wrong but Strong” (Evening Standard) and at the end of that year he was approached by JWT to photograph a calendar to raise money for Raleigh International.

2009 saw big changes for Lopez with many of his shoots taking place abroad including Reykjavik, Hamburg, Madrid, Monaco and Dubai.  Lopez also embarked on another personal project  ‘Beach Huts of Bournemouth’, 100 portraits of hutters from Bournemouth.

In 2011 Lopez held the exclusive role as Adele’s official tour photographer and also began working with Calumet Photographic Academy by hosting his Music Photography seminars across the UK.

In 2013 Lopez had a short stint as Head of Photography for a high end commercial packaging studio in Uxbridge but the corporate commercial world was not for him so he returned to shooting music full time in 2014.

“I’ve toured with ACDC and Adele, experienced the hysteria of 1D fans and flown to exotic locations to shoot some of the most interesting and talented people in the world and after 25 years I still love every second of it!”

Lopez is currently engaged in a number of personal projects and continues to shoot artists all over the world.  Lopez also runs Blanket Productions providing film & photography production services across the UK.