Tim Thornton

Tim is exactly the type of human being I love to shoot.  Intelligent and multitalented. Tim is best known as the drummer in the band Fink and I’ve been luck enough to photograph him on various occasions throughout his musical career. Unbeknown to me he is also an author and when he contacted me to ask if I would photograph him for his 3rd novel I was delighted.

As he lives in Stoke Newington I contacted another old friend who owns a burger bar and we arranged to do the shoot there.  We spent about an hour doing various set ups and managed to catch up at the same time. Effortless.

A big thank you to Burger Bear Tom for the location and if you ever find yourself in Stoke Newington with a rumbly tummy then get yourself down to Stokey Bears for the best burgers in London, if not the UK!!

Author and drummer in the band Fink, photographed by Chris Lopez Jan 2018, London.

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