British Actor

Stephen Rahman Hughes – Eastenders

Congrats to my old buddy Stephen Rahman Hughes for landing the role of Adam in Eastenders.  Heres a shot we did back in 2005 for the Magnificent Strangers project/Henrik Takkenberg.

Actor Stephen Rahman Hughes photographed by Chris Lopez 2005

Actor Grant Masters

After working with the charming actor Grant Masters on the film Transience earlier this year, Grant and I arranged a shoot to update his acting head shot. Grant explained that his last head shot was good but heavily retouched and like a true actor he wanted something with more character.

Grant was a pleasure to work with, totally engaging throughout the shoot and most importantly was chuffed with the results.

Actor Grant Masters photographed by Chris Lopez 2018


Rupert Mealing – Actor

Introducing Rupert Mealing, a poet, an artist and an actor.  Rupert booked me to shoot an updated head shot for future castings.  We smashed out some amazing shots in 20mins, perfect shoot. Photo by  Chris Lopez 05/17

Rupert Mealing


Jim Sturgess

My first shoot of 2015 was with the British actor Jim Sturgess. We shot at his house and then hit the streets for some classic walking shots.  Jim nailed it!


Camera – Nikon D3 24-70mm lens. Copyright Chris Lopez

Actor Jim Sturgess, London 2015

Actor Jim Sturgess, London 2015

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