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Update 2022

As you can see from my last Blog post date, its been a while! Needless to say the world continues full speed on the roller coaster we now call the 21st Century.

The British people deciding to leave the EU, a global pandemic and now the war in Ukraine over the past 2 years has left myself and the general masses in a strange new world where the future is no longer bright.

Luckily for me the pandemic and resulting lockdowns were great. For years I have been carrying around the metaphorical and physical film archive which needed to be digitised and archived so when the first lockdown happened, the time seemed like a gift from the gods.

In March 2020 I was working on a film about Mary Quant, directed by the brilliant Sadie Frost when the head of Goldfinch came into the studio to inform the cast and crew that due to covid production would have to stop.

Like everyone at that time it seemed we were living in a dystopian film, living in constant fear from the news and life would never be the same again.

At that time and unbeknown to me the head of Goldfinch, Kirsty Bell was writing her own take on the pandemic and began writing ‘Alone’ (working title) which later became ‘A Bird Flew In’. A gorgeous black and white, film noir, story of a film production which is brought to an abrupt halt by the global pandemic and the film then follows the actors in during Lockdown.

In August of 2019 when the first Lockdown came to an end I was extremely fortunate to land the role of shooting unit, stills and epk for ‘A bird flew in’ which was a brilliant film to work. Produced by the ridiculously talented Ben Charles Edwards and directed by Kirsty Bell. The film has gone on to win several awards on the world circuit. Not sure when its available for general release but its a must see from me.

Camilla Rutherford – A Bird Flew In – Photo by Chris Lopez

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