Latest Moya shoot 18/07/14

I’ve been working with Moya since the beginning of her career back in 2011.

Our first shoot was great fun, a warm up session for the next shoot.  I experimented with cameras, film etc and so pleased with the results that I included a print in my portfolio and thats saying something.  Our connection was made.

Our second shoot was more stylised and we used a meaningful location to Moya, a farm where she had spent much of her childhood and so the results were perfect for both album cover artwork and new press shots.

On the back of Moya’s third video shoot we hit Old Street to come up with some new ‘street’ press shots. Moya smashed it again and and it was a case of too many to choose shots to choose from.

Our fourth shoot was back to her roots an we shot in and around her mum’s new place in Poole, a very mediterranian feel, walking on the mud flats at low tide etc. Again really pleased with the results.

Our fifth shoot was a step up and we decided to hire a fabulous studio, Loft Studios in Kensal Green and yet again, a good vibe and great results.

The last shoot we did just last week was a new team of creatives to establish a new look and feel for Moya.  Beth Buxton was the stylist, Dave Noble – Hair and Amy Rose – Makeup.  Yet again Moya smashed it and the results speak for themselves . A new classic more fashion orientated feel to Moya as she evolves into a credible artist.

Moya is a truly talented artist who is about to write that smash hit. Watch this space.




New Moya single cover!

The adorable Moya has just released a new single ‘Earthbound’ available on iTunes now.  This shot was taken at the fantastic Loft Studios in Kensal Rise.

Copyright Chris LopezMoya



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