Vincent Davies

You gotta be good?!

If you read my blog you’ll know that I’ve been working with a great new band called the Hidden Charms. I recently agreed to drive the band up to Suffolk to play at a friends 21st/graduation party on a beautiful farm in the countryside.

Every few years a band or singer will come along who totally blow my mind and this is one of those moments.  Ultimately, the sound they produce for such a young band is authentic brilliant pure rock and roll blues.  Individually they all have something quite unique. collectively they absolutely smash the iconic image and sound of a rock & roll band.

The lead singer Vincent, at a glance, looks very much like John Lenon but when he puts on his little round yellow glasses its hard not to assume that this guy is either trying to emulate his idol, he’s in a Beatles tribute band or as in this case he has to be a fucking good musician to look like that.  Thankfully, Vinny has the talent, charisma and ability to pull it off.  Big things to come for these guys, both sides of the pond.


Copyright Chris Lopez

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